Top New Twee Pop Female Vocalists

O.K. so any discussion of female vocalists working in this indy pop (or rock) genre would have to include the following singers:
Stephanie Min from The History Of Apple Pie. This girl may have taken a page out of the book of My Bloody Valentine singer/guitarist Bilinda Butcher. Her vocals add just the right compliment to the crunchy guitar wash and tremolo guitar lines that defined the shoegaze sound that the band has adopted. Also her breathy twee delivery is a major factor in the band’s appeal.I was looking for more information and found it here.
Allo Darlin’s Elizabeth Morris is also a standout. This Aussie singer/guitarist whose band came together in London has a cleaner vocal style that is a bit reminiscent of the mainstream hit makers The Cranberries.
Roxanne Clifford who plays guitar and shares the lead singing chores with guitarist James Hoare works her sometimes wispy vocal style into at times intricate arrangements that feature both harmony and counterpoint.
The trio Golden Grrrls from Glasgow feature lead singing drummer Eilidh Rodgers. On songs like “I Don’t Want You Anyway” her energetic and attitude packed performances give the band a shot of highly likeable personality.
These girls give twee pop a good name.

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