How Slumber Party Got Their Name

Slumber Party was formed as a four girl band in 1998. From Detroit, founder Aliccia Berg was a student of Michigan State when she opted to form an indie rock group instead. Their self titled debut album was produced by Runaways founder Kim Fowley. Fowley suggested the band name Slumber Party and the name stuck and gave way to the band and the album.

Released on the Kill Rock Stars label, Slumber Party released four albums form 2000 to 2006. Their most recent album “Musik” was influenced by early all girl rock bands such as The Raincoats and The Slits. Their ever evolving style of music continues to grace indie rock fans, but Slumber Party’s other lucrative influences like Bob Dylan and David Bowie gave their songs an edgy yet psychedelic, folky bubblegum feel.

Other bands to watch for if you enjoy the gritty finesse that only comes from an all female collaboration is a trio of women that call themselves Warpaint. Their album entitled “Exquisite Corpse” was recorded with former Chili Pepper guitarist John Frusciante. You will also love the punch packing sound of Toronto based band Tallulah Darling. Their sound resonates the infamous 80′s underground artist Liz Phair.

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