All About Slumber Party’s Record Label

Slumber Party’s record label, Kill Rock stars was founded by a guy named Slim Moon and could be found in Olympia, Washington and Portland, Oregon. A lot of the Bands they represented were liberal, feminist and didn’t believe in war. Most popular in the 90′s, they’ve represented Gang of Four, Chicks On Speed, Bakini Kill, Bratmobile, Nirvana, Unwound, The Melvins, Xiu Xiu, Deer Hoof, Need New Body, Huggy Bear, Excuxe 17, The Mai Shi, The Robot Ate Me, Metalux, Rock-A-Teens, Le Shok, The Decemberists and more.

Slim Moon in an interview said he founded Kill Rock Stars because he wanted to put his friends music out there because he liked it but none of the other companies wanted to put it out. Most punk bands those days just did a guitar, bass, drum format for their band and this was considered the norm but he did something different. Most of these bands are alternative yet unclassifiable and follow their own paths.

Slumber Party is from Detroit Michigan and was formed in 1998, signed to Kill Rock Star Records in 2000. They have four albums out, “Slumber Party”, “Psychedelicate”, “3″ and “Music”. I’ve listened to these guys and they are great!

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