Analysis of Slumber Party’s Four Members

The Slumber Girls, an all American girl group, seemed like such opposites who would never be friends, but together they became a compilation of voices that fit together like peanut butter and jelly.

The Girls won an extensive talent search sponsored by a major record label to form a group of singers, dancers and actors. In addition to releasing an album, the girls also hosted “Secret Slumber Party,” a Saturday morning television show.

The Girls were Lina Carattini, Karla Deras, Mallory Low and Caroline Ferguson-Scott. They came from diverse backgrounds, and each brought a unique element that meshed very nicely in an odd sort of way.Want more? Click here/tag Lina brought sass, Karla brought attitude, Mallory brought wit, and Caroline brought the glue that held it all together.

The Slumber Girls took the early teen world by storm and danced and rapped their way into the hearts of fans everywhere. The girls developed a special working chemistry between them that was irresistible and gave the rockers and rappers street credentials. The group had something for everyone, giving themselves a much wider appeal.

The Slumber Girls rocked the rafters with their first CD entitled “Dance Revolution” and brought that momentum to Saturday morning television. The girls quickly became a refined musical melting pot with enough talent to keep the melting pot boiling.

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