Bands That Sound Like Slumber Party

Slumber Party is an all-female pop and rock music group hailing from Detroit, Michigan. In the decade-plus that the group has been active it has crafted a unique sound that’s at times part rock, part electronic synth and part haunting atmosphere. In recent years even some country and pop has crept into the band’s wide array of musical sounds and styles. It creates a unique overall sound that’s tough to imitate and near-impossible to copy. But a select few bands have gotten praise for bringing a sound heavily influenced by and similar to that of Slumber Party.

Mazzy Star is a psychedlic rock duo formed in the late 1980s. Despite coming before Slumber Party it wasn’t until recently that Mazzy Star began exhibiting a similar sound. What began as dark, loud and almost heavy metal songs has turned into a much dreamier, atmospheric sound that blends several genres into long wandering tracks.

Vivian Girls is an all-female indie rock trio from New York City. Their sound is often slightly more energetic and rushed than Slumber Party but the bands share a very similar overall sound. Noisy guitars create an atmospheric, often pop-rock foundation for songs that move from high-speed guitar riffs and static noise into quieter, moody harmonics almost effortlessly.Take a look here to learn more: The Republikas Song Of The Day: Mazzy Star – Fade In To You

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