The History of the Music Group Slumber Party

Techno rock/pop all girl group Slumber Party began because of a nationwide talent search by Geffen Records back in 2006. The members of the group are all from different parts of the country and are all different nationalities. The members of the group are Mallory Low, Carolina Carattini, Caroline Ferguson, Karla Deras and Cassandra Scerbo. They released one album called “Dance Revolution” and had limited success with that.

Some of the music group Slumber Party’s best known songs and videos are “The Texting Song,” “My Life,” and “Countdown.” They were featured on a show on CBS on Saturday mornings called “Secret Slumber Party”, and their music was also featured in the popular show Dance Revolution.

The band broke up in 2007, and two of its members went on to acting careers. Cassie Scerbo went on to act in two films in 2008, one was called “Bring It On, In It To Win It” which went to DVD and received mixed reviews. Mallory Low went on to act in the Nickelodeon series “Just For Kicks” and also went on to make several guest appearances on the TV show ER. Karla Deras moved on to become a fashion blogger and stylist.

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